and save thousands

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much money can be saved by building your own house?

You will save the builders profit and you will also enjoy the discount on supplies and material by purchasing it yourself directly. Bargain shopping will save thousands and when you build your own house, you can do some of the work yourself.

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2. DIY House Building – Do I need to have experience in home building?  

Building my own house: When starting out on a do it yourself house building project, most of our clients have had no experience but with our system they are very successful. We help you with a construction loan, an easy to follow building construction schedule, step by step project manual, network of sub-contractors, how to acquire builders discounts, and a detailed job cost estimate

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3. What if I don’t know any sub-contractors in the area? 

We will provide you with a network of sub-contractors for each phase of the building process for you to get your bids.

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4. Can I choose my own contractors? 

You can choose anyone that you wish. You can use some of ours, all of ours or none. You make the decisions and control the project.

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5. Can I do some of the work myself? 

You can, but if the job calls for licensed sub contractor, you must comply. Painting, clean up, flooring, and some trim work is often done by Owner Builders.

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